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Monday, December 3, 2012

Holiday ~

Assalamualaikum alls..its very long time, I doesn't have time to update story in this blog..Feel sorry to you, guys..What you must know, I am in a semester holiday for my fifth semester studies in PSAS.I just have 3 weeks to rest in holiday..After this, I will go through my last semester in PSAS which I am in senior year.Only 6 month before finish my studies..How about you alls ?? Is there something interesting about you alls can shares with me..Just drop ur comments below :) I will respond immediately and we can sharing our stories..Feel so bored staying at home..I think want to do some part time job but the time doesn't suitable to work..Now,just stay at home and doing my final project..My supervisor want to see our progress during this holiday..OMG!!i can tell this is not holiday act..just does not have class,but still..have work to do...Difficult to me to understand the circuits of my project.. :( you know,i dont think to futher my studies in engineering again in degree..I more prefer to futher in photography or multimedia..hopefully, will get it..Enough till diploma,the words of "ENGINEERING" make me so tough..

Guys,till this,I'll update another story yaa..Btw,pray for first job of wedding photography will be this friday..I'm so nervous..Pray yaa..Salam..

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